Adulting | Web Series

Dice Media this time has come up with a brand new webseries “Adulting.” The webseries showcases the story of two young girls who are in their early 20s living together in the big city Mumbai. Adulting has two characters, namely Aisha Ahmed as Nikhat, who is a classy, cool and a bold girl while on the other hand Yashaswini Dayama as Ray portrays the character of a fun, chill and spontaneous girl. The hustle and bustle in the lives of the girls staying independently in Mumbai is quite relatable. From being the crazy fans of Justin Bieber, partying with alcohol, managing financial issues, to social media addiction, this webseries has covered few but major aspects of the lives of youngsters today. A touch of fun, light-hearted moments, the friends bonding, all this give Adulting a sense of liveliness. However, at times, Adulting somehow fails to display a gripping storyline and also, the loud characters of Nikhat and Ray are mismatching with a lame background score. So, this webseries ends up not serving a delightful experience to the viewers. The spicy touch in the modern life of young girls is less captivating and as a result of which Adulting somewhere lags behind the rest of Dice Media webseries.

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