Twisted Web Series by Vikram Bhatt

Twisted is a story told by Vikram Bhat about a Murder Mystery of the wife of a busy mess Tycoon. The series basically revolves around all the twists and turns that follows while solving this case. The cast of this we project is Nia Sharma, the much-acclaimed actress from the television industry, Tia Bajpai, Rahul Khanna and Namit Khanna. The story is a perfect blend of mystery and glamor. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. It is one captivating tale narrated by Vikram Bhatt. This series is Produced by Loneranger Productions Pvt. Ltd.

About Twisted

Twisted is a web series that revolves around the murder and rape of a business tycoon’s wife. The story follows the life of the business tycoon Ranbir Raichand and his previous love interest Alia. They both are interrogated by the CBI to find out about the murder. They both give their versionsof truth bring about a situation of utter chaos and madness which keeps the audience hooked on to this show to know more about it. The series also indulges in bold themes of LGBT and sexuality. That is the forte of the director. As the show progresses various new elements are added to make it more interesting.

Cinematography and music

The cinematography of this series is pretty good. The director tries to experiment with the backdrops and settings. The series boldly portrays intimate scenes and raw languages used by the actors. As it, a web series one does not expect it to have a good background music but this series busts these myths and provides a perfect playlist to the audience. The backdrop is well suited to all the characters. The attires and dressing of the actors also live up to the expectation and seems to be very pleasing to the audience’s eyes.


Nia Sharma is one the most experienced actors. She is versatile in all her roles. Even in Alia’s character, she completely absorbs into her and provides that bold and sensuous look on screen. Namit Khanna also lives up to our expectation and gives a robust performance in each episode. The supporting cast also does a good job and keeps the episodes interesting and happening. The dialogues are well written and silences are well planned. The dialogues create a very long impact on the viewers and have a quality of staying with them for a long time.


Twisted is not only a bold attempt in the small screen space but also a complete package of entertainment for the audience. It showcases promising characters and a story that plays with you brain. It is refreshing and stays with the viewers for a long time. In a short duration of time, these videos have got 7 million views which show the kind of fan base it has gathered in and across India and other countries. The bold themes and scene have raised many eyebrows but still kudos to the director for giving Youtube a chance and letting these series grow without any censorship.

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