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Spotlight is an internet series that is made keeping in mind a girl who comes from a small town from the hilly areas of India to pursue a career in acting and become a bollywood star. The story goes on as she dwells on the quest of falling in love with a married co actor. The Spotlight cast are Tridha Choudhury, Arif Zakaria, Rajesh Khera, Sid Makkar and Krunal Pandit. The tag line of this series is Spotlight Bollywood Exposed and it is released on YouTube on 31st March 2017.

Reviews of the web series by Vikram Bhatt

It has been called a dream sequence by many because nothing like it has been seen or created in Bollywood so far. It is probably the most well written scenes and storyline so far in the history of web series that has been shot in India. There are a lot of people in the media industry in India who remain covered as they have not got a lot of opportunities for bringing out their sexual orientation in front of the audience. This web series has come as a twisted story where the two protagonists of the same gender have hit a spark between them. This is also new and big for the actress because it is the first time that she will be seen in a bold avatar on screen. This web series talks about the darker side of the entertainment industry which needs to be put in front of people and no one else has been able to do that yet. Vikram Bhatt is known for delivering hash truths and bold stories to his audiences and he never fails to surprise them. It shares the ironical situation where people have a lot of social support when they are not successful but as they climb the path of fame, success and money, you get everything but somehow that social support and love becomes rare. The show is very inquisitive and full of excitement and has rose a lot of hopes from the audiences. It is a fictional biopic of a bollywood starlet who struggles her way through the industry and the darker side of it. The web series has made a promise of unearthing the grim reality of the life in the entertainment industry of India and the fa├žade behind all the glamour and camera flashlights.


Spotlight is a new web series by Vikram Bhatt that brings to the audience a harsh reality and truth about the glitz and glamour of the entertainment society in this country. It is the first bold and cut throat web series that is not made to disappoint the audience. It clearly exposes the sexuality that people hide these days and are not comfortable with. It brings out the irony in the industry of entertainment. This web series is full of excitement and brilliant dialogue and scene delivery because that is how raw the situation is. Spotlight as the name suggests will put the ironical situation in perspective for people to know that it is okay to come out. In conclusion, the series is worth a watch for all the young people as well as the older ones.

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