Girl in the City Web Series Reviews

Introduction to Girl in the City

Girl in the City is a new and popular web series airing in India. The first episode of the series aired on 29th April 2016. The series stars Mithila Palkar as Meera Sehgal, a girl who has moved from Dehradun to Mumbai. Meera has embarked on the journey to Mumbai to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. The show has been very well received and has recorded great numbers in terms of ratings and views, with over 28 million views. The show is aired and produced by Bindass, on its YouTube channel. The second season of the show is currently ongoing with 10 episodes already aired – all of which have received more than a million views each – and season 1 comprised of 13 episodes.

Review of the show

Season 1 of Girl in the City aired in 2016 on Bindass’ YouTube channel. The first season has been acted out very well and allows the viewer to relate to the story of Meera Sehgal, a girl who has aspirations to move and work in her dream city. Mithila Palkar plays her role of Meera to perfection and seems to be very comfortable with her role. Even though she was born and brought up in Mumbai City, Mithila has adopted all features and mannerisms required for her character into her acting very well. Along with Meera, there is the character of Karthik, played by Rajat Barmecha. Rajat in real life also possesses traits that are unlike his character but he gives a convincing performance as a chef in the show. Karanvir Sharma’s role of Areem’s sibling and being the owner of an International Fashion House is complicated but he doesn’t deter in his performance and plays his role with apt excellence. The fourth lead of the show, Preethika Chawla, acts out the role of Areem. Ironically, Preethika has led a life similar to that of Meera – she was born in Dehradun and moved to Mumbai to become an actor. All four actors play their respective roles with a certain flair that only adds to the show’s elegance. The show has been directed by Samar Iqbal. Mr. Iqbal has directed the show with a great deal of expertise and has thoughtfully crammed up the shooting space of the show. This helps the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level. What also helps the show is that every episode ranges from 10-15 minutes, which doesn’t allow it to drag on. The writers of the show have worked very well to keep the viewers engaged in the show. One drawback of the web-series is that it seems to have adopted the ‘city girl’ format from well known English Sitcom, ‘Sex and the City’. However, the writers and directors have created several original storylines which give it a fresh look. Each character has been invested in and defined very well. The nature of the show is such that it can be watched together by the entire family as well. All of these features make this show highly recommended and must-see.
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