An all new comedic web series, Geeta’s Guide to Moving on is a story revolving around an all American girl Geeta Gidwani, who gest dumped out of her ten year long relationship with her Indian-American fiancé. In hopes of getting back with her boyfriend, she moves back in with her Indian family where she learns for how to cope with heartbreak and accepting loss, the Indian way. This show, starring Puja Mohindra, Danielle Pinnock, Ray Raju, Neetu Lalmalani, Darshan Bhatt, and Andy Nagraj, is satire on Indian families. With a humorous story line, excellent acting and exaggerated plot twists, wherein Geeta ends up in a Divorce Support Group to get over her fiancé, Geeta’s Guide to Moving on is a much watch web-series. This series is mostly targeted towards the young-adult audience who has experienced their fair share of heartbreak and loss. Its humorous plot line and relatable dialogues has drawn its fair claim to public popularity. The character development of Geeta throughout the show is noticeably present which is relatable and draws in the crowd to form an attachment to her, as well. Over-all it is a show worth watching. Some of the important notes that are one can notice during the show are given below.


This show contains all the elements that are usually gotten into focus with such a plot-line: a heart broken all-American girl, the deviously hand-some prince charming who dumps her, an audience favorite African-American best friend, overbearing parents and nosy aunties. It is the complete package. While the dialogues and actions of the parents, aunties and the best-friend gives every-one a hearty laugh, the irony of the plot also has everyone reeling. Also, a significant character development is noted in the main character Geeta, who goes from denying the truth, to accepting her heartbreak and finally enjoying her life. Although the characters are not that original and have been introduced in series and cinemas before, the well execution makes up for the any problems that could come with a cliché charterer.


The plot-line and story are not very original and the concept of heartbreak and getting over heartbreak is already very popular in showbiz. However, that does not stand to be a problem and the dialogues, acting and execution make up for the cliché plot line. Also the humorous twist to this tale takes it to refreshing level and also leverages an interested crowd. The concept of Indian parents, their traditions and beliefs, is also well-introduced into the story. Finally, it also teaches lessons on how to cope up with heartbreak and loss, something that the audience happens to find very relatable. It also has a new take on how Indian parents, although overbearing, can go to extents to see their children happy and that is a refreshing idea to be seen.

All in all, with a good story line, excellent dialogues, and screenplay the story of Geeta Gidwani’s is worth watching. The character’s youthfulness is refreshing and the idea although not very original, makes up in its execution, acting and dialogues.

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