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Born Free has been in the news for quite a while now for its familiar yet new storyline and amazing acting. The 40 minutes short film starring Mukti Mohan and Sumeet Vyas has garnered a mixed response from the viewers. Where some might say that this contemporary Indian genre film is just another flick about following dreams and living your lives, others believe that this could be a real motivational feature film to change your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

But the real problem is the coming of age genre that has been the point of focus of Indian film Industry for about a decade and is not that brave or novel anymore. People have watched film after film about how following your dreams, being alive and not staying stuck at a job you hate is the key point of being happy. And that is what made Born Free land in slimy waters even after a great direction and heart warming acting.

Why to watch this short flick

Though the storyline of Born Free is typical and familiar, witty and catchy dialogues by Sumeet Vyas, playing the role of a corporate worker Sammarth, and Mukti Mohan’s captivating role of an independent free soul Vanya, a travel blogger, are sure to make those 40 minutes worth spending on your Sofa with munchies and cold beer. The film is all about passion and dreams and what if’s and maybe’s.

The bumpy and by chance meetings between Sammarth and Vanya are fun to watch and the way Mukti Mohan’s character steers Sammarth into leaving his boring and unhappy job of Corporate slave and follow his artistic dreams is filled with passion and energy and are sure to reinstate your belief in faith. But that is all that makes this film a good watch

The Bummer in the 40 Minutes

What actually bums one out while watching it is the familiarity and the predictive plotline. From the start when Sammarth is shown flying aboard the plane with an elderly character who is finally going after his dreams and a young travel blogger who displays carefreeness, you could predict the role and importance of each character. Even the great acting and direction could not make you overlook this bummer and leaves you thanking the short length of the film.

Other than its typical and slightly boring storyline, the dialogues and some phrases are delivered so unevenly that they look forceful and disoriented. The exchange between Sammarth and his boss are dull and regular without any fun or drama. Even the ones that are solely pointed there to advertise the beer brand that is producing Born Free are not hard to miss and could be the real turn off for the film.


Overall the film is worth a watch and the acting and direction of this short production is appreciable. It is perfect for a Sunday binge watching with munchies and cold beer and capable of giving you chuckles over small things.


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