AISHA | Season 2 | Arre’ Web Series | Review

Artificial intelligence is imminent technology and Aisha season 2 describes all the factors that will alter our world in both good and bad ways by this technology. Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant is ready to doom lives with enhanced features and processing power. Arre did a pretty decent job again in providing a science fiction thriller to bind the audience and deliver a pretty exhilarating web series.

Aisha season 2 is studded with many stars who have made their space in silver screen. Aisha cast welcomes back Raghu Ram with ever more pomposity. Raghu Ram plays a crucial role as boss again and delivers a stellar performance. The performance in episode one of season 2 by Raghu Ram is adorned with witty dialogues along with quick, and witty acts by Boss to make life of his subordinate miserable. Raghu Ram continues his great performance in episode 2 but lacks dialogues. Harmanjeet Singh Singha comes into play in the season 2 episode 2 and steals the show with mesmerising acts and led the story uphill.

Aisha season 2 from start incorporates Nimisha Mehta is a strong role with a more devious character as compared to season 1. Nimisha Mehta plays the role of Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant with a smirk. Till second episode Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant doesn’t come into play very much and exhibits flair later on. The premier episode lay the plot of the upcoming season precisely with a brief introduction of aisha cast. The web series is trying to become complex but fails to set a benchmark.

Arre is evolving continuously and attempting to transcend the web series but an ambitious storyline lacks lustre. The writing in season two is made dramatic with a pinch of comedy keeping the thrill intact. Dialogues are quick and doesn’t require binding the audience. Interest is eroded quickly and dialogues are not able to audience. Delivery of dialogue is done by seasoned artists like Raghu Ram are near to perfection but dialogue delivery by other actors isn’t up to the mark. Nimisha Mehta as Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant looks gorgeous and show a lot of potential.

Direction for the premier episode of Aisha season 2 is good and helps build a strong platform for the development of series. Character development was always a weak link for the series but Aisha season 2 helps in eliminating this problem by having direction applying efforts to develop characters. Direction is strong in the season as compared to the season one but falls short to impress the audience of the web series. Arre is providing a more sagacious approach for the understanding of character. The chemistry between Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant and Harmanjeet Singh Singha is dractically altered and girlfriend of lead protagonist played by Aurita Ghosh make situations complex.

Acting by boss is done very well but rest all artists are not able to set an example. Story is very well presented but is not able to bind the audience. The web series is having a lot of potential with a very distinct story line but the second season is not able to deliver to the expectation. A 3 out of 5 is for good direction and quick witty impacts on audience by exciting thrills and twists.

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