TVF Tripling Web Series Review

TVF Tripling

TV shows have always helped people in realising the real situation of the world around them. Unlike movies, which are mostly based on unrealistic life sequences, TV shows show what it is to live life like a normal, everyday guy. There is a transition going on in the world of television. Nowadays, due to the regime of the internet in our life, there is a change of mode of viewing from TV to Online streaming. Understanding the change that took place, many production companies in India started producing and broadcasting TV shows on the internet, known as Web Series. The Viral Fever is an upcoming and very popular web series channel that has acquired a lot of followers over a very short period of time. Of these, Tripling is considered one of the best and has the most followers.

Plot and Cast

Generally, all the web series broadcasted are based on simple stories, which is aimed at providing a good feel overall to the viewer. This web series is no different. The plot goes thus, three siblings set out on a journey, which proves to be hilarious and serious at times, with a touch of emotion in it. These 3 siblings, aimed at discovering relations among themselves, have an amazing time, until some minor problem pops up and is solved subsequently.

The main cast comprises of Sumeet Vyas as Chandan, Maanvi Gagroo as Chanchal, Amol Parashar as Chitvan and Kunaal Roy Kapoor as Pranav.


The web series has been generating positive reviews ever since the first episode “toh Chalein” was aired on the web. The viewers too, based on the ratings, are evidently enjoying the show more than the critics. It has been said that the success of any entertainment channel or show lies in the critics and the viewers liking and enjoying the show alike, and this is what exactly has happened here with this show.

The cast have managed to put up a decent performance, with most of them debuting in front of the camera with this web series. This indeed, has served as a good platform for the debutants and has ensured their prevalence in the entertainment sector for a long time. The creators of this show were aimed at creating something very simple, yet very relatable, and evidently, they are very successful in doing that.

There are a lot of emotions that are showcased in every episode of this web series. Every episode of this web series has some message directed towards the audience. Mostly, this message is based on the importance or the influence of a sibling relationship in one’s life. The channel has been creating good and relatable web series for quite some time now and are emerging as top guns in the field.

The direction and screenplay are notable as the every emotion written down in the script was beautifully portrayed by the actors on screen by means of effective direction. Finally, the best part of the show is surely its comedy. The script writer(s) has gone all out on humour. The best part of the comical section of the show is, the cast has successfully shown on screen what sibling humour is about, and it is relatable on a whole new level to the viewers. Overall, a great show in the making due to brilliant casting and fantastic direction.

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