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Fathers web series (or F.A.T.H.E.R.S, as it is popularly called and showcased as) is a web
series broadcasted by the online digital entertainment channel The Viral Fever, or as

popularly known, TVF. TVF primarily uploads episodes of various original shows, fathers,

being the most popular among them. The online entertainment channel mainly aims at

producing shows that have a message about the stereotypical and clichéd modern

generation. The cast chosen for the shows consist mostly of rookies, apart from a few

familiar faces. The online digital channel has gained a lot of followers and fame since its

conception in 2010, making it relatively very new.

Fathers – Basic idea and plot

The various episodes of this web series are very simple in terms of the concept. First things

first, the web series does not have episodes which form a thread, so, any episode can be

watched first, as per one’s discretion. All the episodes convey a very simple message, a

message teaching the viewer as to what being a dad, or a father actually is. What the

person, who is a father-to- be realizes through this is that being a father is very different

from being a good father and also that the mindset of a parent towards parenting must

change from generation to generation.

Basically, in each episode, there is a different trend of the modern culture being showcased.

The series revolves around 3 “previous generation” men, happily married with grown up

and employed kids, who desperately want to merge in with the younger generation.

Although they aren’t aware of what a sugar daddy is, that is what they aspire to be,

neglecting the sexual part of it. It is not very tough to find a sugar daddy or taking it to the

next level, get a sugar daddy in the present day. “Gold diggers” in town are known to be

going around asking for “a sugar daddy for me” (them). However, these men in every sense

of the word, monogamous, who probably haven’t looked into another woman’s face, other

than their own wives’. What they lack, like every father in the modern society is the support

of their children to mingle with the new generation. What they lack is somebody to say “Go

daddy go” when they try out something new.

Episodes released- An overview

So far, only 4 episodes (sketches, rather) of this series have been released. The following

paragraphs will give a brief overview of these

1. Baap ka start up– Revolves around the 3 dads planning to quit their daily job and

build a start up to be unlike the other dads who force their kids to hold their jobs

when the word start-up is mentioned.

2. First drink with son-A dad wants to become his son’s friend and puts the same idea

into his friend’s head. The sketch unfolds with the fathers using all their fatherhood

resources to initiate conversation with their kids, while having their first drink


3. Main, mera beta aur Facebook– One of the dad’s wants his son to like his posts on

Facebook and end up posting embarrassing stuff on the social media site.

4. Papa chale disco– This episode revolves around the idea of the 3 protagonists (dads)

going put for a party and showcases their preparations for this modern day party.

Message to the world

The phrase “my father” holds a sense of pride in kids up to their pre-teen years. How it

changes so fast, so much is still uncertain. This series shows, to what extent a father

would go, to impress his kids and merge with their generation, even probably become a

rapper and be called the “father rapper” by his kid’s friends. The reason they are unable

to adapt to this “new generation” is because they were taught a different culture by

their forefathers. It is as simple as that.


Father and sons always hold a special bond. One needn’t post father quotes or buy a

father’s day present to show how much he means to him/her. Father and family should

be the first in the list of priorities of a person. “Who is father” is something that cannot

be answered directly, as it is a mix of everything good and trustworthy. Imbibing the

fatherhood in you can be a rather difficult task for a new dad. There are a lot of “help

for dad” and “help for father” websites that give new to to-be- fathers useful tips on

how to be a good one. Children must be ready to do anything for dad.

FATHERS is a must watch web-series that can be watched for free online on the TVF

website. The above article provides a brief overview of the trending web series and what

it stands for.

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