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There is a new web series “The Good Girl Show” from Dopamine media. This series is based in New Delhi and about a new joiner to the college in North Campus. Sounds interesting something like all female version of Baked.

According to Dopamine Media this web series is based on real world incidents. It seems to be raising an issue in this web series, which might be something good. Raising issue and entertainment are two different paths which can meet spectacularly as in Amir Khan’s movies like “3 Idiots” or it can fail, like many failed attempts. The best thing about web medium is that normally the viewers don’t have to shell out the money to find out if the content matches their tastes.

It has been written and directed by Anu Singh Choudhary and actors credit include Mahak Chhajer, Carolyne Mate, Tanya Singh, Srishty Jha.

Do check out the trailer here.

Check out the links for the episodes of this web series

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