Shut Up Short Film on freedom of speech

Shut Up Short film Review

Shut up is a very powerful film which has a strong message. This movie focuses on the current scenario of the country where freedom of speech has become a luxury rather than a right. This film focuses on the grave problem of the country where people are being attacked just for stating their opinion.

The recent happenings where comedians were attacked just for cracking a joke is brought into light in this short movie. The right to free speech is very important and thus a rally is being carried out against that the attack. This film also deals with racism and how Muslims are treated in the country.


The characters depicted in this short film are very strong. The ignorance towards the right to free speech is felt very strong in this film.

The Plot

This film is a young guy who wants to protest against the lack of speech of freedom but looking at the state of the situation he is unable to do that. The protagonist wants to do something for the country and he wants to convince people how important right to free speech is. He looks at the situation and the consequences which people have to face for protesting. The beatings and the torture executed by the police for something as simple as free speech were too much to handle and thus the protagonist is afraid of taking part in this protest. The end of the film is very powerful.

The Turning Point

The protagonist fails in the attempt to even convince his family about the free speech rights. He wears a mask which he was supposed to wear at the protest rally and becomes just a mute spectator to what all his happening and is very disheartened.

This short film compels the audience to think about the current scenario in the country and do something about it.

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Direction: Ashutosh Pathak

Produced By: Sikhya Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
DOP: Pooja Gupte
Edit: Nitin Baid
Sound: Anish John

Arjun Radhakrishnan
Anuritta. K. Jha
Aakash Prabhakar
Kartik Krishnan

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