Baked web series season 1 review

baked web series season 1 review
The advent of web series has brought about a cultural revolution in the Indian Internet scene. In the past few years many web series have come out, some of them being exceptionally good. In this league of creative outpouring comes a new entrant that has changed it for the better.
It can be seen that a large number of web shows fail to connect to the masses because the people behind them are still in the hangover of 80s and 90s. They do not understand the changing demands and hence a stark difference between them and today’s youth.

‘Baked’  is a very brave attempt to bridge this gap, a web series by the youth and for the youth. This masterpiece, produced by Pechkas Pictures and Scoopwhoop Talkies shows the roller coaster journey of three Delhi University (DU) students who embark on an adventure of their own.

Meet Haris, a simpleton who has just arrived from Allahabad to study at DU, played effortlessly by Pranay Manchanda. He is the most lovable character and my personal favorite in the series, someone who wants to do right but always ends messing up creating comedy of errors. He shares his room with Oni (Shantanu Anam), a cocky Bengali who makes up statistics to proves his point and considers himself as the leader of the group, studying History at college. The third roommate is Body, played by Manik Papneja, the Punjabi stud, always chasing girls and driving his red Vespa.
Enters Tara, (Kriti Vij), beauty with a killer smile, the diva of the college and as expected, Haris develops love at first sight.
 To support their finances, the guys decide to open a night food delivery joint called ‘Wake & Bake’. Haris with his culinary skills becomes the cook, Body, the delivery man, while Oni convinces them to be the manager.
What follows over the course of seven episodes is an epic drama. Wake & Bake flourishes initially, getting orders for parties but it soon gets complicated. One problem leads to other, be it Bakshi sir who is too lazy to read Haris’ assignment and never shy of embarrassing him to local university goon, Tiwari bhai, who along with his chamcha  takes advantage of their misery.
 Haris is confused with his love life and clueless about what to do. The term is about to end but nothing seems to fall in its place. Rent is long overdue and soon they would have to evict. With cooking as their last option, they decide to bulk deliver at three different places with each of the guys taking one route but nothing comes easy for them. As expected, shit happens or as they call it ‘bhasad’ in Delhi. If they would be able to pay the rent, would Haris express his love to Tara, will they finally succeed for once? Watch this superbly crafted series to find out the answers.
Directed by Vishwajoy Mukherjee, Baked is so relatable that many of the viewers might see a glimpse of them in one of these characters. The creators of the show, Vishwajoy and Akash were themselves students of Ramjas and Hindu College, which brings a touch of authenticity to the show.
This is as good as it gets.Take some time out to watch this refreshingly new take on college life, friendship, roommates, domestic politics, and Delhi. This will be time well spent.
 One of the better shows of our time and guess what….there will be a season 2.
**This web series was brought to the notice of wider audience in an earlier posting here and now this is the attempt to review it.
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