Turup Chaal | Official Selection | FILMFARE SHORT FILM AWARDS 2017

turup chaal short film Jio filmfare awards 2017 nominee
The short film “Turup Chaal” has been nominated for Jio Filmfare awards in short film category. This movie has been shot in NCR region and the performance of the characters is faithful to the location.
The story is about a middle class guy who goes to the loan shark to repay the loan which he had taken earlier. He is already late on the payment and this time his bag containing money has been torn and the money has been stolen. The loan shark is not convinced that it is the case. The things get murkier with the entry of a shady police officer in the scene.
This movie is noted for amazing performances of it cast. For a low budget short film, it has got the actors with a lot of work experience in films and theater. Anup Gosain and Jaspal Sharma were there in movie Talvar while Vijay Shrivastav has earlier worked in Kaun Kitne Paani me and on T.V. shows.
Sushil Kumar who played the role of the COP is a full time theater actor from Kingdom of Dreams.
Sumit Gulati of Talvar fame is the associated director and the casting director for the movie. Kishore Rawat of KSR vision helmed the camera. Piyush Shrivastav came up with original back ground score.
The movie was written, directed and produced by Sumeet Kumar of New Propaganda Motion Picture.
This movie was shot on a very low budget and thanks to Sumit Agrawal who played the role of the brother of the protagonist, we got the location for free. It was due to the impetus of Sumit Gulati that this movie was submitted to the Jio Filmfare awards on the last day. The movie was earlier shortlisted for Noida International Film Festival and it should have won it but for mismanagement from the organizers. Because of this bad experience the director was convinced that this film would be lost in the maze of higher budgeted short films from the known faces of mighty Bolllywood. But in the end it held of its own and made it to the final round.
Check out the promo of the film here:

Full movie could be checked out at the Filmfare awards site here. Do watch it and vote for it and share it with your friends.Use the hashtag #TurupChaal4Filmfare to promote this movie.
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