KHAMKHA Short Film | Official selection Filmfare Short film Awards 2017

Khamkha short film

This is not your typical boy meet girl story, rather a very refreshing take on that clichéd idea.

Udayan is coming from Pune trying to reach Mumbai when his car breaks down. Not having time to spare, he gets on a public transport bus that he is a little sceptical of hoping to catch a Volvo from the expressway. This urban looking, English medium guy has entered into a different world trying hard to adjust. In the opposite row is sitting Raina who interludes and saves the day for him with her Marathi skills. Watching her read a book in Hindi gives him a chance break the ice and shift seat with her. This marks the beginning of a journey which neither of them expected.

The director, Aarti S. Bagdi seems to have a knack of touching your soul with exquisite display of emotions, previously witnessed in her short film ‘Time’.Both of them made under the banner of Humara Movie. Raina, a travel writer has roamed around the world with her parents, mother being an interpreter for the United Nations (UN) with daughter no less, knowing more than ten languages. Udayan works as customisation expert of cars. Being a grammar nazi that he is, cannot tolerate wrong English. This exchange on languages soon develops into a mutual affection visible in both their eyes. Raina is put off by people who find speaking Hindi ‘uncool’ while display their English speaking skills as a mark of intelligence.

Knowing this Udayan tries his his hands at Hindi, hoping to impress her with big desi words, Raina on other hand showing her anger in English. Despite the differences, there is an undeniable affinity between the two bringing them together. Udayan gets a call telling him that his car is now ready. Knowing that his bus journey is going to end soon, he asks Raina if she would accompany him, someone with an old-fashioned name. Raina readily agrees saying she likes old-fashioned, Hindi is old – fashioned. This well written script is complemeted by Amit Dasani’s great music to the thoughtful lyrics of Sulekha Karkare. Do not miss it.

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