EK DOPAHAR | Official selection Filmfare Short film Awards 2017

Ek dopahar short film














It is a tale of two women, Raina (Huma Qureshi) and Shubha (Gauhar Khan), who come into contact one fine afternoon. Raina is going to Mumbai for work and hesitatingly decides to meet Vidhu, his ex-boyfriend, with whom she had a relationship eight years back, but still has her heart beating for him. She mails him telling about her plan and gets confirmation for a get together with him and his family as Raina knows that he is married now. Shubha, Vidhu’s wife, opens the door and greets her with she knowing every minute detail about her while Raina knows nothing of her. The affection and warmth that Shubha has for Raina is based on what Vidhu constant re-telling of her over the years. They get into a conversation, telling how it was love at first sight for both of them. Raina and Vidhu were opponents in college elections, showing off hate during day time while secretly hugging at night while Vidhu was the photographer covering Shubha’s first exhibition as a painter. It is very difficult to guess that behind the calm and serene looking Shubha is hiding a secret that Raina has no idea of, something that will sweep away the floor beneath her. She goes in a state of shock realizing that Vidhu died seven months back in an accident. It was Shubha who had replied to her mail and she finds this as a cruel joke. While Raina has been trying to move on since past eight years, wiping off every memory of him, Shubha has kept him alive and indulges in every activity that he liked from going to laughter club to keeping his social media active. Shubha ends up giving Raina one of life’s most important lesson that just because one has gone away, does not mean he/she is to be forgotten. They can always keep living in our memories and actions.

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