Dugga Short Film | Official selection Jio Filmfare Short film Awards 2017

Dugga short film

Dugga is the latest offering by Chandrasish Ray, known primarily as a composer of short movie Aehsas and documentary short Jayanto Durga. The story unfolds in the backdrop of Durga Puja, showing an intimate relationship between a mother and son. Mother,portrayed by Ankita Chakraborty, a big name in Bengali cinema is a sex worker, probably in Sonagachi, South Asia’s largest red-light district. Dugga’s life (played effortlessly by Sayam Mukherjee) revolves around the brothel only. Life is difficult for both of them. Dugga feels embarrassed of living there and is often scolded and abused by the brothel pimp. It seems he even had a chance to escape but he did not leave his mother. He climbs on her mother and starts scribbling something on her back. The helplessness gets reflected in their eyes. She sends him out as a customer walks in. He is sitting outside aware of what is going inside the room where the customer tries to force himself on her against her wish. The moment he turns her, something strikes him and he stops, leaving the room in a hurry, scared for his life. He figuratively saw the goddess Durga in the drawing that Dugga had made on her mother’s back. As the story progresses and the mood changes, so does the background score which has an effective mixture of chanting and mellow instrument melody. Despite the gloomy mood of the daily life, there always is something to live for, something to strive for and this is what this film is all about.

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