DARPOK | Short Film | Official nomination | Filmfare short film awards 2017

Darpok short film

Jogi is coming back home after fourteen years, not having been able to sleep for a single night. He has revenge on his mind, he wants to avenge his mother who got raped by Sher Singh, back when Jogi was a small boy only. He sat there motionless in despair while his mother’s loud screams kept falling on his deaf ears. Since then he has been labelled a coward and this trauma reached such an extent that deep inside he himself thought of himself as a coward, someone who helplessly let her mother be raped.

This twenty odd minute film by Rakesh Mehta who earlier directed a feature film ‘Life ki To Lag Gayi’ in 2012, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.
Except for the character of Jogi, essayed by Gautam Gulati, rest of the cast is relatively unknown. Jogi realizes that times have changed a lot, with his childhood love married now with a child of her now, but the shame and agony of past fourteen years is still haunting him. On meeting Sher Khan he sees that paralysis has left him unmovable, with him begging to be released from his pain.
Tonight, after fourteen years, Jogi will sleep in peace.
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