Chutney Short film starring Tisca chopra | Official selection Filmfare Short film Awards 2017

Chutney short film
Its sweet and a bit sour. Its one recipe you would not have tasted before. Watch the most original#Chutney and get the perfect aftertaste. 
Only when the end credits rolled did I realise that it was Tisca Chopra behind that make up disguising herself as the naive and ignorant Ghaziabad woman, Anita. This refreshingly new drama directed by Jyoti Kapur Das has some elemental similarity with Roald Dahl’s story ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’, mixing and matching the concept of food with death. The supporting cast of Rasika Dugal and Adil Hussain have played their part to the core in this almost seventeen minute long film. Anita accepts the offer and invites the character of Rasika to her home in the pretext of teaching cooking when she sees her flirting with her husband (Adil) last night at a social party. We also overhear that the other kitty-type ladies mock Anita and make fun of her rural ways at the gathering. Anita narrates a gripping story over the feast of pakodas and chutney constantly referring to the fact that what a simpleton from Ghaziabad would know about worldly affairs.
This enticing tale involves dark humour with the proper use of fresh home grown vegetables. Throughout the story, Anita carefully drops hints indirectly so as to make her aware of what she is getting into. Very discreetly does she let her know that the path which she is planning to traverse is to be treaded carefully. This revengeful tale has been meticulously crafted, made more authentic with attention paid to the details of food, clothing, and the accentacquired.Not only Rasika’s character but the viewer as well gapes in amazement to Anita’s story as she makes it loud and clear tha she is not to be taken as a docile housewife who is unaware of what is going around and would go to any length to prove her point, subtly depicted by Tisca Chopra who has also co-written and produced the film. Just like the edible chutney leaves an aftertaste on your tongue, so would this chutney leave you desiring for more.
Cast – Tisca Chopra, Adil hussain, Rasika Dugal, Sumit Gulati
Produced by – Tisca Chopra
Directed by Jyoti Kapur Das
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