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 The Last Life Web Series Review

The last life web series is an enthralling story about magic, fantasy, regression therapy and events occurring in the past life of two women witches which have direct implications on this life. It is a drama about soul mates, finding answers to who were you in your past life, past life analysis, the fight between good and bad and much more. The story comes with so many surprises that it will thrill you every moment.

The Actual Story

The story revolves around two prime characters Sloane and her soul mate Taylor. While Sloane is an “evil” witch of the Bloodborne and is set out on a mission to reunite with her soul mate Taylor, Taylor on the other hand neither remembers anything about her previous birth nor she remembers about how powerful witch she was in the previous life. Meanwhile, the “good” witches of the Bloodborne coven headed by Alina are trying to stop their reunion as it can bring apocalypse in the world.

Taylor who is living a life of a normal person keeps going to past regression. Many thoughts of her past life memories keep coming back to her and compel her asking ‘what was I in a past life’, ‘my past life story’ or ‘who was I in a past life’. All these thoughts keep storming her head to know more about ‘what was my past life like’ and she is trying to find answers from past life reading and past life calculator to know about her past life experiences. In order to find my past life, Taylor decides to take past life regression therapy and meets psychiatrist Dr. Stanwick, hoping he conduct some accurate past life test and give past life prediction for her. However, there is some mystery behind it as the medicines she is having are actually some magic potions of the Lethe River which are making her forget past life regression stories.

The Soul Mate Love

The two soul mates have loved each other in the life in the past and the separation needs to be overcome. Taylor has only loved Rick who dies three years ago and doesn’t remember Sloane in past life stories. Alina is trying to end Taylor’s life and Sloane is trying to find her soul mate through past life regression. But what will happen in the end and who will outpower who in this thriller supernatural series, only time will tell.

With a twist

The love story with a twist on past life test is what distinguishes this series from others. Questions like find your past, who were you in a past life or know your past life will keep you engaged to this web series to find answers. The series is written by Elisha Barnett and the series is available on YouTube. Two seasons have already been released and the third season can come anytime soon. The series have received a lot of appreciation and is highly popular on YouTube. Will Sloane be able to find Taylor, will Alina and other witches be able to kill Taylor and save the world and whether Taylor will be able to find answers to what was my past life for all these questions keep watching this amazing series on past life regression test, a journey which is so interesting that it will keep you glued to your laptop for hours.

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Created by:

Elesha Barnette
Twitter: @eleshabarnette
Instagram: @eleshabarnette

Kathy DiStefano 
Twitter: kathydistefano
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Nancy Cooney
Twitter: nancycooney
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Maurice Mejia

John Grohol
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Robert Palmer Watkins
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Nicola Lambo
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Jennifer Starr
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