Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa web series review

“Papa, yeh masturbation kya hota hai ???”, yes you read it right. This is not a cheap attempt at click baiting, rather the opening line that introduces us to the refreshingly new and entertaining web series ‘Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa’. This is just the first of the several bouncers that the curiously innocent Pappu throws at his Papa.

This five part web series comes from the house of industry titan Yash Raj Films, through their You Tube youth channel called Y Films, which has made several other popular web series since its launch. Ashish Patil is the producer-director of this humorous series.
Anand Tiwari has been perfectly cast as the lovable Papa who devises creative analogies to explain several sex related concepts to the seven year old Pappu, played by Kabir Sajid who never shies away from asking anything that pops in his head. The character of Papa has been depicted as a happy go lucky guy  who gets a little on back foot on suddenly enquiring Pappu’s naive queries, but what steals the show is the calm and simple manner in which the father explains the topic in concern without ever sounding vulgar and with complete absence of  explicit imagery.
This differentiates Papa (Anand) from his own father, played by Sachin Pilgaonkar, who was always embarrassed and never comfortable to discuss it with his son while he was growing up. This has made Papa (Anand) to resolve that he would make sure that his son (Pappu) does not remain sexually illiterate and face awkward situations. He does that by relating the function of a condom to that of an anti-virus software and making him understand the benefits of masturbation through cricket. The way the sensitive topic of Homosexuality is discussed and explained is commendable and is something that can put even big Bollywood names to shame. The web series also includes chat on pregnancy, periods, vagina, and sex. Factual bits provided at every episode’s end clear various myths and provide necessary information too.
It is both shame and irony that India, the land that gave the world Kamasutra and taught the art of love making is still shrouded under taboo and talks in a hushed voice when it comes to matters related to sex. I hope that this web series will act as an ice breaker between parents and children and will lead to more informed sex education through this father-son bond.

Check out this web series in youtube here.
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